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Pápió-Malom Kft. began its operation on 12th March 2001 the same time the mill at Tápiószele was acquired. With its capacity of 1.2 tons/h our mill falls into the cathegory of small/middle-sized mills.
Our business policy aims at providing our customers with flour of quality better than the average always ensuring quick deliveries on time.
Wheat is carefully checked for quality in our well-equipped laboratory. Quality is also checked during milling and before packaging in accordance with HACCP requirements.
We are especially involved in supplying bakeries and confectioners` in the neighbourhood with 50 kg packages of flour. Since July 2009 we have been supplying also graham flour under brand name dr Grehem.

Our range of products :

graham flour dr.Grehem in 1 kg packages
fine meal BL-55
wheat flour BL-65
flour BL-80 for white bread
graham flour GL-200
Indian flour
fodder bran

For personal consumption we produce fine meal BL-55 and graham flour
GL-200 in 10 kg packages.
Also we take orders to meet individual needs and can supply flour for any special use.

Since 2001 we have been producing Indian flour to meet ever increasing demands as this sort of flour had to be imported from England.

Our graham flour production has been increasing steadily to satisfy the demands of those preferring health-food and reform cuisine.

In this world of ours people are rushed to have their meals quickly and fail to eat vegetable food rich in fibres, mineral substances and vitamins. For those who want to make bread using their own breadmaker or any cake from graham flour now graham flour Dr.Grehem in 1 kg packages are available.

We wish to continue our developments in the production of flour with positive physiological effects on the human body.

Sándor Erdődi
general manager