Graham flour

In January 2007 we began to produce graham flour in 50 kg bags for the baking industry. Since 2009 our graham flour has also been available in 1 kg packages for those who have a breadmaker and attach imprortance to health-food.

Our graham flour dr Grehem® is available in special shield-gas packages increasing use-by time up to 12 months. This special packing process is patented in Hungary and in Europe. Our graham flour contains all the constituents of a wheat grain incbuding also wheat germs, that contain folic acid, vitamin E, mineral substances and other sorts of microelements many other foods fail to have.

Most of the vitamins and mineral substances contained are indicated on the decorative package.
The important physiological effect of flour Dr.Grehem ® comes from the fact that it consists of coarse ground flour and bran and any bakery goods from this type of flour that get into the digestive tract support the long, continuous break-down of carbohydrates presumably with no dramatic increase in blood-sugar level.
In view of above diabetics are strongly advised to consume bread and other sorts of bakery goods made solely from this standard graham flour.

By the end of this year we intend to complete dr. Grehem product family with the following items :
graham flour for baked goods
graham flour based baking mix

The following is a summary of the positive effects of baker`s food made of graham flour :

  1. Slow absorption of rough-grained carbohydrates in the digestive tract presumably avoiding any dramatic increase in blood-sugar level. This reduces the risk of the development of 2nd type diabetes to a minimum.
  2. Reduced rate of absorption of fatty acids and cholesterols due to coarse ground bran ( dietetic fibres ).
  3. The high magnesium content of wheat bran influences blood-pressure positively – helps reduction and increases sensitivity to stresses.
  4. Graham flour helps us to avoid circulatory problems and any malignant processes in the digestive tract.
  5. Dietetic fibres slow the clearing of stomach thereby decreasing the time of hunger and increasing the time of being full.